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Fired-Up Events Ltd.

Fired Up Events helps you create a spectacular interactive event for any occasion at every budget level. – With unique insight, innovative products, and unparalleled dedication, Fired Up Events will help create the optimum environment for your event and result in an unforgettable end-user experience. Working with industry-leading strategic partners, Fired Up Events can:

  • Help you plan your event
  • Take care of all permits, licenses, and insurance
  • Provide specialized services like wait staff, security, DJs, caterers, food trucks, etc.
  • Provide high-quality equipment rentals
  • Help you increase the level of engagement with your participants
  • Manage your event for you
  • Source unique entertainment to match your theme, decorum and budget
  • Build custom structures, fixtures, sets, props, or event decor
  • Provide environmentally friendly power options
  • Organise waste handling, recycling and “leave no trace” mandates


Good service can make or break an event, and innovative services and performances will stand an event head and shoulders above its peers. Fired Up Events is part of a vibrant and talented community of performers, technicians and food and beverage staff. Our staff will always be professional, presentable, and a vibrant part of your event! We also provide additional services to make sure your event meets your standards, from professional event management, to the fundamental venue design. We provide specialized planning services, and specialized event services like Pyrotechnic displays.

Our Team

Fired Up events is the passion of Chris Sturges, a veteran of the entertainment and motion picture industry. His experience spans all aspects of the industry, from Event management to Pyrotechnics to theatrical production to motion picture practical special effects. His experience at The Event In The Desert gives him an excellent perspective on interactive and participatory events, and his experience with the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver offer a strong grounding in Corporate and large-scale events. Chris has an IMDB profile HERE, and his LinkedIn profile is HERE.
Fired Up Events specializes in bringing the right mix of innovation and participation to an event. We do this with the help of world-class strategic Partners, working with them to develop the very best in innovative technology to support our clients and their patrons. 



Fired Up Has what you need! We work with strategic partners to provide high-quality event rentals on spec and on time. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll ensure we can get it for you! From the unique rentals only Fired Up Events can supply to conventional items like Lighting, Sound, staging, etc. and even sundries for your event, like paper towels and paper plates. We can make it happen for you!

Sound Ceiling

The Sound Ceiling was established over 25 years in Europe and Australia but is just being introduced in North America. The Sound ceiling is a revolutionary technology allowing sound to be placed precisely where you want it. Ideal for Venues with close neighbours, mixed usage spaces, and high-end residential applications, the Sound Ceiling offers superior sound quality with superior sound mitigation.
  • Fully Scalable
  • Temporary or fixed install
  • Full frequency response
  • Proven track record
  • 4500+ installations worldwide
  • Often less expensive than soundproofing
  • Reliable – never replace a driver again
  • Combines effectively with unobtrusive satellite speakers
  • Allows normal conversations
  • Much more comfortable for long durations
  • Increases dwell time

The Sound Ceiling uses an engineered array of small speakers to create a planar sound wave. This provides unparalleled sound reproduction, and the planar wave collapses exponentially faster than a conventional sound wave.


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