Fired Up Events specializes in unique or hard to find rentals. Some of the many unexpected rentals include:
Rolling indoor/outdoor wet bars, Truck Mounted Saunas, Portable Showers, Portable Hot Tubs (trailer mounted or collapsible), Truck mounted DJ platforms, Propane Vertical Rotisseries, conventional camping Coolers, rolling beverage coolers, Barbeques, Propane Camp Fires and flame sculptures, Water Packages (fire hoses, pumps, etc), portable boilers, compressors, air movers, cryo systems, etc.
Power Generators
Honda EU 2000, Honda EU 3000, Honda EU 7000, Powermax 50k, 75k, etc
AC Packages
We have AC available in lengths from 6′ to 100′, included as part of your rental package.
We also have a wise selection of tables and chairs available for rent
6′ and 8′ folding Tables
Cocktail – round 2′
Bar stools